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A lot has been happening since the announcement on January 13, 2022. That's when HRM City Council approved the "Southdale Future Growth Node" to move forward with the planning process. 

Here you can see a history of some of the important activities and dates to date, and a preview of what's coming up. 



  • Nature Walk with Naturalist Clarence Stevens, at the Eisner Cove Wetland, May 22 2:00 p.m see the event

  • Rhodora Celebration hosted by the Nova Scotia Wild Flora Socity, at the Eisner Cove Wetland, May 30

Activities of the Society

April 2022:

  • GoFundMe set up

  • Facebook auction

  • Working to create a coalition with similar groups

  • Rally held on April 9


March 2022:

  • Wetlands + Carbon brochure 

  • 3 BioBlitz events held

  • Historical survey of the wetland starts with Ecology Action Center

  • Province announces Housing Task Force will take over permitting and approvals for the development

  • Province announces $22M forgivable loan to developer for adding "affordable" housing to the Southdale development

February 2022:

  • Flyers are distributed in the Woodside / Southdale area

  • HRM holds a public information session (online). 25 people speak against the development!

  • The society is formally registered as a non-profit with the Registry of Joint Stocks

  • Outreach to other environmental groups begins

  • This website is created

  • The Minister of the Environment sends an inspector to visit the wetland and reports no areas of non-compliance.

  • Meetings with the Action Ecology Center

  • Media interest starts 

  • Twitter and Instagram accounts launched

  • BioBlitz activities start to record species in the wetland


January 2022:

  • HRM City Council announces approval for the Southdale Future Growth Node planning.

  • Protect Eisner Wetland group re-activates

  • Facebook group is updated

  • Letters are sent to the Mayor and City Council

Media Coverage

  • "Developer wants to clear trees early at fast-tracked Dartmouth development sites"
    Halifax Examiner article May 18 read it


  • "Bio-blitz for the better: How a non-profit is raising awareness of endangered species in HRM"
    Saltwire interview April 29 read it


  • "Dartmouth residents hold a rally to protect Southdale wetlands from development."
    CityNews Radio April 12 hear it  (41:00 minute mark)


  • Rally coverage
    CTV News video April 9 see it


  • "Dartmouth residents hold rally to protect Southdale wetlands from development"
    Global news video April 9 see it


  • "Residents race to save Dartmouth wetland, Penhorn development an easy win" 
    Saltwire article March 30 read it


  • "Lil MacPherson, has concerns over Dartmouth development’s impact on wetlands."
    CityNews radio interview March 29 hear it (12:30 mark)


  • "Province announces $21.8 million forgivable loan to developer to build affordable housing in Dartmouth"
    Halifax Examiner article March 28 read it


  • "Wetland in danger in Dartmouth" 
    Saltwire, online interview Feb 22 see it


  • "Hear about a virtual public meeting about Eisner's Cove Wetlands in Woodside"
    CBC Radio Information Morning Feb 8 hear it


  • "Dartmouth residents raise concerns about development next to wetland" Halifax Examiner article Feb 8 read it

  • "BILL ZEBEDEE: Residential development project threatens Dartmouth wetland"
    Saltwire op-ed Feb 2 read it


  • "Proposed Dartmouth development raises environmental concerns"
    News Article Jan 14 read it

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