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We are preparing a written petition, to present to the Nova Scotia Legislature. Help out by printing and collecting signatures. When you are done, send us an email to let us know. 


Get a free button or bumper sticker. Spreading the word helps so much!

To get your button or sticker, email us at 


Have a look at the press coverage we've received, and the press releases we have published. 

So many ways to help out! The wetland needs all the help it can get.

You can make a difference.

  • Wetlands are critical now and for our future. They purify our air, clean our water supplies, and reduce the impacts  of climate change.

  • Eisner Cove Wetland is one of the last large untouched wetland areas in the HRM urban core. It is home to many species of plants, animals and birds.

  • The proposed developments at the Southdale Future Growth Node will destroy the wetland.

  • Disturbing the Eisner Cove Wetland will release huge amounts of stored carbon into the air in the form of greenhouse gases, and will reduce our ability to store carbon in the future. 

  • Housing is necessary, but HRM has more appropriate locations for housing that are not ecologically sensitive. 


With the generous support of a drone videographer and a voice-over narrator, we have produced a video of the Eisner Cove Wetland seen from above. The footage was taken in March of 2022, and because the trees were not in leaf the areas cleared by the developer can be clearly seen. 


We are a non-profit society dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Eisner Cove Wetland. We believe that:

  • Precious natural resources belong to all residents of Nova Scotia.

  • Our province and cities can and must make better decisions to allow growth in a more sustainable manner, prioritizing the protection of our environment.

  • The Eisner Cove Wetland and its protective forest belt should be returned to public ownership, and preserved as a wild area for recreational and educational use only. 

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